Frequently Asked Questions

What is live fire cooking?

This is when, food products, meats, vegetables, and fruits are cooked over a fresh wood, embers, or coals. We treat fire as one of our ingredients, and this fire and smoke make our foods even more flavorful.

Do you have your own BBQ Sauce?

We have created  2 distinct regional sauces: Kansas City which is more tomatoey  and tangy, & our Memphis which is more sweet, smoky & spicy.

What is a Tri Tip?

This is a bottom sirlion tip, where the sirloin meets the round & flank. Named after its triangular shape. First marketed under Otto Schaefer in Oakland in the 1950’s

What is Santa Maria Style BBQ?

The Central item is the Santa Maria Steak: Tri Tip seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic. Grilled directly over a wood fire, served with beans, Garlic bread and a few items, First Popularized by a Butcher at the Santa Maria Safeway in the late 1950’s.

What is the best way to book your services?

You can email us an event information form to or speak with someone at our offices at 408-998-1195. We would be happy to supply you with a custom proposal & complete estimate of costs. Please book early to secure your desired date.

What is Certified Angus Beef®?

Also known as CAB, this is the Best Angus brand available. With it’s high amounts of marbling is the Key to incredible flavor, tenderness, & true beef  flavor. This represents the top 3% of all USA Beef. Only a Licensed organization can use this logo.

What is Carmelization?

Flames & meat create The Maillard Reaction. This creates a delicious brown crust. The sugars react at high temperatures flavors to create flavors of buttery, sweet, nutty & toasty from marinates, rubs, and sauces.

Why do I want Onsite cooking & Buffet service for my Party versus Delivery?

It’s the ultimate experience for you and your guests. When the party starts you can smell, see and taste and get excited by the anticipation of a great meal. Salad are kept cold and salads tossed fresh, Meats are kept hot and freshly sliced. Our staff is there to help your guests, tidy the food area, and answer any questions for guests. With delivery, you don’t know when it was cooked, items get cold and warm in minutes, and freshness is out the door.

How can I create a more Fancy BBQ event?

We do have Upgrade Meats, and side dishes for any occasion: Although Our standard meats may be fine, our upscale sides can be substituted to create a more dinner style, upscale or wedding menu.

Can you put your BBQ in our back yard or business Patio?

Our BBQ Trailers weigh over 1500 LBS, and can not be lifted, and must be driven to our Kitchen set up location. For safety and the smoke it produces, it must we kept in an open, flat ( no inclines) area of a street, driveway or parking area. Your guests will get excited when they arrive, and the wonderful aroma will fill the party area.

Do you do tastings?

Unfortunately it is very difficult given the nature of our business. We do not have a retail or restaurant location, or a hot prep kitchen at our commercial kitchen. All the food items we create are for each specific event. We can fully describe all our dishes and please see our terrific reviews on Yelp, I can promise, you will love it. You can visit one of our events if schedules allow.

Is BBQ BOYS Vegetarian friendly?

Yes we are. We bring 10% Gourmet Burgers, buns, and condiments to each event at no additional cost. With a minimum order we do have some Vegetarian upgrade entrees available. When cooked over a live mesquite fire they are even more delicious. We are proud that all our standard sides are vegetarian. Many of our upgrade sides are Vegetarian as well. The veggie items are even cooked on a separate grill area.

Do you offer GF (Gluten Free) items?

All our meat entrees, most side dishes, & sauces  are gluten free. The exceptions are the bread products and pasta salad or pasta dishes. Our ranch beans contain a small amount of beer, Our standard green salad contains croutons,  but this can be removed upon request.

How can I create a Health Alternative menu?

The beautiful news is most of our menu is already a health alternative. Our prime cuts of beef and pork are already very lean. We are proud to serve Perdue brand chicken sourced from family farms and considered to be the highest quality poultry in the USA: All our ingredients, are of the highest quality, Fresh and wholesome. We have many vegetarian and vegan alternatives.  Dressings or sauces may be put on the side when requested. We have a selection of grilled vegetables and vinaigrette based nutritious salads that will please all our guests. With our Live Fire Cooking and creative recipes, you don’t ever have to sacrifice on Flavor.